After a relentless research, the work of CRS Cottovietri led to the definition of new colors and a reinterpretation of the traditional ceramic tile through a wide range of rich colors and tactility inspired by nature.

The value of the hand-made, the technological innovation, the new finishes enable us to offer 100% made in Italy unique solutions and to ensure a high degree of customization.

Color, matter and sign, are the crucial elements in contemporary design.

18 shades and 6 patterns of the Japanese collection that recall the aesthetics and the geometric rigor, highlighting the elegance of the gradual twine of clean lines typical of sashiko plots in traditional Asian fabrics.

The shibusa beauty concept inspired its creation for grace, elegance and neatness, recalling its features in a minimalist and modern way – while accentuating and enhancing the craftsmanship, synonymous of uniqueness.
The collection visually develops harmonies and contrasts of Eastern culture by establishing a strong link between spirituality and dexterity.

A versatile design that is constantly enriched with new proposals that can interpret any design idea.